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Looking back at my personal history, I have always admired certain teachers. The ones who put true effort into their teaching and gave extra not just for personal gain (feelings of accomplishment) but for the gain of the students. Teaching is a privilege when you are able to see the progression of your students though sometimes hard to see at the beginning by the end the leaps and bounds, they have made is very obvious. In turn this brings some personal satisfaction and a positive feeling of pride in the knowledge that you have made a difference with the reward being the newfound capabilities that the children then possess. Teaching though hard at best of times is worth the discovery of this little treasure.
Professional TESOL Diploma, Foundation TESOL Certificate, TESOL Specialization Certificate (Teaching Children, Teaching Adolescents, Teaching Adults, Teaching Tourism).
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Россия, Московская область, Одинцово, Ново-Спортивная улица, 14
  • Россия, Московская область, Одинцово, Ново-Спортивная улица, 14
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